TivaWater 2.0

TivaWater 2.0
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Product Description

Perhaps some of the best preparedness dollars you could spend. Safe drinking water is essential and should be at the top of your emergency preparedness goals. We believe that these water filters represent a true bargain.

Many years have gone into research and development on these patented TivaWater filters. The goal is safe drinking water over and over again: simply, reliably, and cheaply. No expensive filters or parts to periodically replace, which is essential in a real life situation. With only a small amount of easily done maintenance, your TivaWater filter will keep making clean, safe water for many years.

TivaWater is a non-profit company with a goal of getting safe drinking water to as many people as possible. Visit them, find more info, and see how they are changing lives here at: www.tivawater.com.

TivaWater says:

"Our filter is designed to clean any water, whether from a tap at home or a pond in the village. It eliminates bacteria to prevent intestinal diseases like parasites, worms, diarrhea, typhoid and cholera. Using slow sand filter technology, TivaWater makes dirty, contaminated water clean and safe to drink right in the home. First, water passes through an easy-to-clean synthetic filter to sift out the dirt and sediment to prevent filter clogging. Next, as the water flows through the fine sand, the bacteria are much too large to squeeze through the granules. The germs quickly become trapped and die while the much smaller water molecules easily flow down the filter.The purified water is now safely stored and ready to access by the tap and can clean enough water for 10 people per day."

We sell these units for $115.00. For this price, we will cover all shipping costs beyond the $7.99 flat shipping fee per order that is charged on our site.

Please note that TivaWater filters have been proven to remove up to 99.6% of all harmful bacteria from unsafe water; however, like most other water filter systems, because it is not 100%, U.S. government regulations require a disclaimer that "our filter does not purify the water 100%; therefore, chlorine should be added to filtered water to reach 100% purity."

Also, note that because of shipping costs, we can send these to the lower 48 states only, and may not be able to send to PO Boxes. (Please check with us before ordering if you only have a PO Box).