14"x20" Vacfoil Bags (25 Count)

Item# 1420Vacfoil

Product Description

14"x20" Vacfoil Bag.

You get 25 bags with each purchase.

This is a high quality vacuum bag and mylar foil bag combined into one. Has textured air channels on the inside to allow air to be pulled out, thus making it usable with any home type vacuum sealer machine, such as the FoodSaver for example.* (please read note below)

*(Note) We have found that because of the thickness of these bags, some of the cheaper vacuum sealer units may have trouble getting a good seal on them because the heat bars do not get hot enough. It may be necessary to seal twice back to back to get a good seal with some units. We have a Cabela's Pro series machine and the bags work great with it. We also tried a cheap FoodSaver and that is where we found that we had to cycle it twice to get a good seal.

These are also excellent for Smell proof long-term mmj storage.